Irresistible Love (2020)

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Movies: Irresistible Love (2020) Director:  Cast: LQ Wang, Cui Shao Yang, Huai Wen, Nai Yi Wen Production Co:  Genres: Comedy, Romance, Fantasy Runtime: 12 episodes Country: China Release Date: 2021 
As soon as Xia Tian Tian turned school bully Guo Zhi Yu into a "loyal dog" boyfriend, she was strongly opposed by mother He Qing Ning. In He Qing Ning's heart, Xia Tian’s company president Qin Zhi was the perfect son-in-law. Unexpectedly, one day the mother and daughter actually exchanged bodies! He Qing Ning began to do whatever she wanted with her daughter's body, but Xia Tian used her mother's body to fight back. The two slowly understood each other in their interchanged lives. At the same time, two high-sweet romances are also brewing..
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